Monday, June 4, 2012

Silly Monday Poem

Sorry I've been MIA - I've been taking turns having the flu, a cold, the flu again... I just keep telling myself I'm getting them out of the way now so I can enjoy the rest of the summer.

Anyway, I usually don't write anything silly but this one just sort of came to me the other day =)

There once was a boy who knew best,
who always knew just how to dress.
His smart turn of phrase
and quick-witted ways
never would cease to impress.

Then one day that lad met a girl,
whose hair had a soft auburn curl.
And he stumbled and fumbled
and badly he bumbled
for his mind was all in a whirl.

But his awkwardness did him no harm
for when offered the girl took his arm.
And they courted and married
O'er the threshold he carried
the bride that he won with his charm.


  1. Adorable! Based on a true story? hehe

    1. Not in my life but I'm sure it applies to someone somewhere =)