Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

It's been a few months since I posted and I apologize for that - more on what has been going on tomorrow. However, today I wanted to take a short moment to publicly remember the tragedy that happened on this day eleven years ago. I'm sure most of us remember where we were that day, what we were doing, how we felt when we first heard the news. Even today I can still recall the shock and unbelief I felt as I watched the news. At the time it was hard to believe that anyone could be so filled with hate that they would do something so terrible.

As I thought over the things I wanted to remember about this day, I recalled the moments that filled me with hope as the world mourned on 9/11. I remember how an entire world came together in solidarity and decried this act of terrorism. I remember how communities prayed and wept together, how groups all over the world held vigils and erected memorials to the fallen. I hope that one of the messages we can take away from this tragedy is that above all of our differences we are a community that can bond together and reach out to each other in compassion. It is so easy to focus on the things that separate us and to allow arguments big and small to create divisions and contention until we are so filled with anger that we no longer care how we hurt others. Perhaps today can remind us not to allow our small differences to push us apart, but instead to appreciate what we have in common and to choose to treat each other each day with compassion and respect. Maybe in this small way each of us can do our part in creating a better and more peaceful world.

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